My name is Renee and I am the owner of Bardalez Clothing. My first project was to sell wigs in order to raise money for my dog, Mouse's, surgery. My parents couldn't afford it and i wasn't working yet. Unfortunately i didn't have any marketing skills or any sort of knowledge on how to sell expensive hair to strangers. I spent months working on it and eventually gave up on my get "rich quick" plan.

I started working months later and was able to pay for Mouse's surgery along with bettering his eating habits, getting him treats, and a bed to sleep on. Then my grandmother in Belize got hurt. She needs hip surgery that would cost us around $35,000. I thought maybe I could save enough money with my day job. I then realized that would take years so I had to think of something else. Maybe I could start a clothing company.

Then my dog, Mouse, died and I decided that I had to do more than pay for my grandmother's surgery. I had to help other dog owners and other struggling families. I also have to help those in Belize. My goal for this company is to make a great impact on my family, defenseless animals, and people in need. If other people can do it just for the money. Why can't I do it for a greater good?

I want Bardalez Clothing to be a community of helpers.

Our Mission Statement

To create more smiles and great experiences. Bardalez Clothing is about helping as many people as we can whether that's creating a happy atmosphere, helping someone pay for school or medical bills, or helping someone gain confidence; Bardalez Clothing was created to help... along with paying the CEO's bills.

My first business consisted of trying to sell custom wigs. I devoted months to it and didnt get a single sale. But I finally got a job and was able to pay for my dog's surgery. I was content until my grandmother needed hip surgery. Ithought maybe if I saved up enough from my minimum wage job, I coujld help. In realty, that would take two years if I didn't actually spend my my money. I had to think of something to help. Not just help my grandmother, but help other people's grandmothers. Not only that, but there are animals and people across the world that need help. Why can't I create an empire? Why can't I create something that doesn't just pay my bills, but helps thnose in need.