Why we should support kill shelters.

"Kill Shelters"! So scary. Many people dislike government shelters because they put down senior or sick animals. Kill shelters actually only euthanize when they run out of resources and space. You can change this by supporting them.

Why do they run out of space? Because too many people refuse to spay/ neuter their animals. They allow these animals to escape and make babies. Those babies then roam the street and end up at animal care and control. The world is overpopulated with cats and dogs. There are more cats and dogs than people who are willing to take care of them. Before you decide to go to the pet store, visit your local shelter first. It's cheaper and the animals are more likely to be euthanized.

Remember, shelters only have so many resources. Especially a government shelter that is built off of taxes. If you can't adopt, you can donate toys, food, leashes, litter, poop bags, bleach, dish liquid, etc. This allows the shelter to use the little money they do have for more serious things like vaccinations and surgeries. Something as simple as a handy down baby blanket can help out your local shelter.