Who are we?

Welcome to BRDLZ.COM, Bardalez Clothing.

I decided to create Bardalez clothing not as a get rich quick scheme, but a way to encourage happiness through fashion. I was inspired by my love for love. When I was little, i dreamed of being a fashion designer. But why make more of what's already out there? How can I be different? How can i actually serve a purpose in this world through fashion vs just making a lot of money. How can i help others and encourage strangers to help others? The answer was BRDLZ.com. The goal here is to put a smile on your face everytime you wear one of our items and to put a smile on a stranger's face just by seeing you in your garments. 

Since I am of christian faith, I will also add christian based merchandise to our website for fellow christians to carry their faith with them everywhere in style.

But does all the money just go in our pockets? Never! We have partnered with and will continue to partner with many brands that give back to a community. We as a company also donate $1 for every $10 to our charity of the month. 

Look forward to future giveaways on our social media. Feel free to comment your suggestions for improvement or ideas on our social media posts.